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Reduce Taxes

Dear Business Leaders, Company Legal Counsel,

Tax Advisors and Business Development Professionals:

The speed and the force at which business is changing today is unprecedented.  We are in the midst of a rapidly accelerating “perfect storm” which is affecting the life of all organizations today.

In the midst of this, State business development, tax and incentive systems have become increasingly sophisticated and pervasive throughout the country. This has occurred largely due to the increasingly complex nature of business relationships, business models, technology and State fiscal needs.

This has led to an increasing degree of change and uncertainty, along with accompanying issues.


At the same time, States have been providing increasing opportunities to develop new business and to overcome state and local tax burdens and business expansion costs. This has been through the rise of competitive tax and other economic development incentive programs.


For over 50 years, our firm has been partnering with Business Leaders, Company Legal Counsel, Tax Advisors and Business Development Professionals to work together to accomplish the following:

Reduce Taxes: Determine and implement tax strategies to reduce state and local tax issues and tax costs.

Grow Business:  Impact business growth thru site selection and development decisions and tax and other incentive opportunities.

Resolve Disputes: Defend and resolve state and local tax audits, claims and appeals.

Improve Laws: Work with state and local government officials and the business community to change the tax and incentive statutes, regulations and rulings to improve the business climate and economic development opportunities.

We represent our clients by moving with speed, clarity and purpose to deploy what's needed to achieve the best results possible.


If you have a Nebraska State Tax or Incentive matter which you would like to discuss, please contact us for a confidential, no obligation preliminary conference.





Nick Niemann

Nick Niemann, JD

McGrath North Tax Group


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