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Grow Business

Grow Business


Critical to the growth of most companies is to be in the right business location at the right time operating under the right circumstances. This is accomplished across the U.S. through the site selection and development process.

Site selection and development normally follows a well thought out methodology which brings all of the relevant business, financial and legal factors into a thorough decision making process.  This can be effectively illustrated many ways.  One example is shown below.

Site Selection & Development Process

Step 1: Business and Location               Criteria Defined

Step 2: High Level Location Factors Screened

Step 3: Site and Community Level Factors Analyzed & Screened

Step 4: Site Due Diligence

Step 5: Incentives Planning, Application and Negotiation

Step 6: Site Control and Acquisition

Step 7: Project Construction and Implementation

Key to success is team play and collaboration.  Depending on the team which the company has already established, we are typically involved in either all of the above steps or just selected steps as appropriate to accomplish company objectives.

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